Dream House

February 2018, Oakland, CA

A site-specific experimental dance show directed by Maranda Barry in collaboration with Alex Voynow, Torie White and Hannah Ayasse

What unexpected things are breathing in the environments we have built for ourselves? Dream House lies at the intersection of domesticity and wildness. As we untangle our inner knots, we test the barriers of our physical and psychic space and find out what holds, what opens, and which veils are pulled away. What’s been there this whole time that’s now being ushered, willingly or writhingly, into the light? 

Photo: Lizzy Elliott


June 2018, PLANTHAUS, Oakland

a 45-min live music and live movement piece about plant feelings with original score from David Samas on invented instruments, live projection art by Katarina Countiss, dancers/movers include Andrew Rose, Zoe Donnellycolt, and Hannah Ayasse

September 2017, EXIT Theater, San Fransisco

Using a variety of textured microsounds, Katarina Countiss and friends explore a loose narrative of consciousness, interaction, and the nature of the unknown through experimental music, projection art, and authentic movement
Direction and projection art by Katarina Countiss
Live music by David Samas and Derek Drudge
Movement by Andrew Rose, Hannah Ayasse, and Annikah Peabody


Uploaded by Bill Russell on 2017-09-18.

Capital Funk

January 2013-May 2016