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Hannah Ayasse is a dance artist

Born and based in Oakland, CA.

Hannah believes the process of creating movement in community, witnessing other’s creative output, and personally returning to the body as a source of voice and power is important.

Hannah’s dance work moves around themes of storytelling, empathy, and reaction as she studies how humans relate to others and their environment.

Hannah’s creative practice expresses itself in many forms

  • solo and collaborative dance making for live performance and video,

  • a steady improvisational study record kept @movementstudy,

  • creation of an online platform for an ongoing exquisite corpse style movement work @exquisitemovement,

  • the co-curation (with Zoe Donnellycolt and Chibueze Crouch) of a monthly performance series, Performance Primers, to maintain space in her East Bay community for emerging marginalized artists,

  • and teaching dance and creative movement in preschools and elementary schools.